Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Court of Appeals Creates Oral Argument Archive

From the New York State Court of Appeals website:
"The Court of Appeals has established a new video archive of oral arguments on its web site, an archive that will contain all cases heard since the beginning of this year. During future sessions of the Court, arguments heard each week will be added to the archive on the following Monday.

The Court has been recording oral arguments and making them available for public broadcast since 1987, and Albany Law School maintains an official archive of these recordings at its Government Law Center. The Court began webcasting arguments in certain high-profile appeals in 2002 and these recordings remain available through a separate link on the web site. The Court has provided live webcasts of all oral arguments since May 2009. The comprehensive webcast archive, allowing users to view arguments at their convenience, is meant to further enhance public access to proceedings before the Court. Click here to view the Archive"

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